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Buyer looking for

In Search Of: Your Truck, 4x4, Military or what do you have? Trading

Budget: $30,000.00

I AM looking for a 4x4 truck (Chevy or Dodge , maybe ford) or Military truck (4x4 preferred or 6x6). Diesel preferred but open to Gas options.

My offer is flexible and negotiable on terms and amounts, this is simply a discussion starter to get a basic feel of what I want to work out with any potentially interested persons, maybe it's you? We can always discuss fine / final details and come to an agreement between us.

Firstly, the $30,000 listed in the price is preferably the maximum I would like to spend / trade overall, but I am open to deals both below and above the $30k marker. So, don't be shy and send me what you have, whether your vehicle is $5,000 or $500,000, if it makes sense and is worth it, I am open to seeing what you have.

Second, I am willing to put some cash up on a deal with either a partial trade, or financing with a cash down payment and or a combination of both. I also have Silver Bullion (rounds, bars), Some gold (bars, Nuggets, Flakes) that can be traded towards any cash value.

Third and Most of all... My main trade that I have to offer is opportunity to for you to trade some or all of your vehicle's value for leased time at one of my recreational properties. I have camping, hunting, gold mining, off-road, off-grid properties, with and without cabins, some near fishing, boating, and more.

Lastly, I desire to lease these properties out in trade for your offer, but I will entertain full purchase offers on 2 of my gold mine properties, with cabins, Starting at $500,000 and $2,200,000 or best offer. In these cases, I may entertain trading for other real estate with or without a home and or structures, infrastructure already in place. (Again, What do you have?).