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Frequently Asked Questions

How does posting work?

Posts are for people looking for specific items. To create a new post, visit the home page and click the button “Post an item”. From here, you can set a maximum budget, as well as location preferences. You will also be asked to upload a photo of the item, as well as details regarding the desired condition, brand, etc. Once posted, everyone who visits the website will have the ability to see your post. If someone has your item, they can connect with you through the Do U Have messaging feature.

Is the site free to use?

There are no fees to post on the site. You do however, have to be a subscriber to connect with buyers. This helps us improve the platform and deliver the best quality buyers and sellers. Subscribers also benefit from being redirected to items found in our douhave.co/search_all feature. Do U Have does not charge listing or commission fees. Join our cause today and help us grow!

Is the site only for vintage items?

While the Do U Have team does love vintage and antique items, the website is not exclusively for these items. You can also use Do U Have to find more everyday, modern items — including everything from cell phones and laptops to couches and purses.

Can you post items for sale on Do U Have?

Do U Have is an ISO platform - (In Search Of). Posts are strictly for people looking to find items — not sell items. If you are a seller and would like to get rid of an item, you can search all posts or browse new listings to see if you have an item that a buyer is already looking for. If your search is successful, you can message that person within the platform to let them know.

How is Do U Have different from other sites?

Do U Have focuses on what people need — not what people already have. Our platform is dedicated to people who have a specific item and budget in mind. Ultimately, our goal is to help people find unique and speciality items faster and to help them do it all in one place.

How to I manage my subscription?

Go to your profile > Manage subscriptions, or click here