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Buyer looking for

Do you have old equipment/vehicles in your pasture you want to sell?

Budget: $2,000.00

My son and I are looking for old, cheap tractors or vehicles to work on. We like old ones and are interested in tractors or old vehicles that have been sitting for a while, that are complete or missing parts, but most of all that people are looking to get out of their yard. Please let me know what you have and the price you're looking to get and I'll come by. I have a trailer with a winch if we make a deal. Our price range is under $2,000 if possible. We are just getting started. Thank you.

We are located in Waco. If you have something that you are interested in getting rid of, please message me with pictures and details as well as your location.

Posted by: Joseph | Category: Vehicles | Location: Lorena, TX (76655)