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Buyer looking for

RV or Motor Home Wanted

Budget: $1,000.00

We are Newlywed Missionaries on a Honeymoon Adventure across the USA.

So far we have traveled from California, up the West Coast and through the Northern states.

We decided to spend our first year in marriage experiencing the Adventure of God and exploring what He has made in this beautiful country. While praying for our country and the move of God.

We have traveled in a 2 door car this whole time, sleeping in a tent occasionally. But we are longing for our first home on wheels, where we could finish out this trip with warmth, but to keep traveling and interceding for our country over the next few years.

Maybe someone out there has an RV they are willing to give or donate.

A burden to someone...will be a blessing to us.

Posted by: Ryan | Category: Vehicles | Location: Albany, NY (12209)