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Buyer looking for

Wanted: Jazzy Jet 3 Ultra power chair

Budget: $300.00

I am looking for this specific model with the specific joystick controller as in the photos. The photo also shows where on the chair it will say “Jet 3 Ultra”.

If you have one you no longer need please let me know about the condition and any other relevant information. If it is working and nothing is wrong with it I will pay up to $300. If it is not working, $100.

It may not sound like much, but I can’t afford much. Though I can’t walk insurance is super hard to deal with on these nowadays. They don’t make this model anymore but I a familiar with it and can fix it and keep it in service myself. I try to have two, because chairs break down quite often and I need one to use while waiting on parts for the other.

So it will go to someone who needs it and will really benefit. I can pick it up.

I am in south Austin and free most days in the daytimes.

Thanks for considering

Posted by: Thomas | Category: Vehicles | Location: Austin, TX (78749)