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Buyer looking for

STOLEN Red Vintage Schwinn Bike

Budget: $300.00

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BIKE? This bike along with tools was stolen!!
A LAZY ASSHOLE THIEF walked into my back-yard and stole it.
If you see this bike, please any info on the lowlife or bike would be appreciated. It is a RED color vintage
1940’s Schwinn with two back baskets &
a middle tank.

I lived in Downtown EP for 19 years before leaving it behind. My space, smack in the middle of Downtown EP was great, till shortly after the building was sold to new owners and now the spaces I hear are being sold. My space along with my neighbors were divided into smaller spaces and are being sold for beaucoup dinero. Parking sucked. My car along with my neighbors was always being broken into by drug addicts and other invaders. One of the many times I made the mistake of forgetting a bag of used clothes to donate and my window was smashed in, other times just to see what I might have. Once, I was a witness to a carjacking of a young couple who were just parked on side street making out by three young Juarez hoodlums whom I and the young couple had to ID them in a street line. They were caught that night trying to make their way back into Juarez. Lucky I was riding my bike that evening when I saw it take place and flagged down a police officer. I was riding my 1940's Schwinn red bike with baskets that evening, the same bike that was just stolen as part of this west side / kern place thievery. The quiet place where I've now kept my bike under a bike cover, in MY own backyard where these same AHOLE thieves just a month earlier also stole some tools out my garage came back later and opened my gate and walked into my back yard and stole my bike. I've never in the last years ever had to lock up my property as I do now. And they say, "walls don't work." NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO WALK ON TO MY PROPERTY EVEN MY FRONT PORCH TO STEAL. I've accumulated a non-tolerance over some time now and I don't trust anyone as I'm finding even on the streets or freeway just driving or at business establishments. I'm encountering a generation of self-entitlement young as well as other AHOLES who only care about just receiving... SELF. It's no wonder this same mentality is perfect for a BIG GOVERNMENT TAKE OVER or a worldwide GLOBALIST TAKE OVER where, "you will own nothing and be happy." "Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country" ... has become the opposed and is the norm and even encouraged in the name of "equity". Sallust — "Only a few prefer liberty- the majority seek nothing more than fair masters." Perhaps if we were to apply the cutting off of a hand as was once a middle east trait, we could go back to some respect as well as electing strong leader(s) and rediscovering the G-D given laws already in the books.

Posted by: Nicholas | Category: Vehicles | Location: El Paso, TX (79901)