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WANTED TUBES Studio Gear Vintage Audio Electronics Stereo Guitar Radio

Budget: $100,000.00

TOP DOLLAR CASH PAID on Quality items
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Distance is no problem.

TUBES and VINTAGE AUDIO ELECTRONICS Recording Studio Gear Stereo Amplifiers HiFi Audiophile Musical Instruments Speakers Microphones Ham Radio Test equipment and much more

Before you throw ANYTHING away please contact me.
Looking to purchase single items, parts, Estates, full garages, storage units, complete or partial collections no matter how large in working or non-working condition. I buy in volume if you are looking to clear out.

To give you an idea below are some of the items I commonly purchase:

NEW and USED VACUUM TUBES like RCA Sylvania Raytheon GE Western Electric RCA Mullard Amperex Telefunken Siemens Mazda General Electric Brimar Tesla WE and any other Radio and Audio Tubes Tube Testers Hickok Triplett B&K Jackson

STUDIO RECORDING GEAR Outboard Rack Gear effects preamplifiers quality Modern or Vintage electronics Compressors Limiters Reverb EQ Equalizer Burl Neve API UA Teletronix Urei Universal Audio UA Manley Gates Federal SSL Solid State Logic Tube Tech Fairchild Pultec RCA Chandler Avalon Grace Daking Brent Averill BAE Dangerous Music Empirical Labs Distressor Avedis Elysia Crane Song Hardy Shadow Hills Great River 1073 1176 LA2A LA 610 v76 v72

Studio Monitor Monitors Focal Barefoot Genelec Dynaudio Adam Audio Neumann and others

Microphones Telefunken, Neumann, AKG, Bock, Soundelux AEA Sony Chandler Coles Josephson Wunder Shure Sennheiser EV Electro Voice Turner Astatic to name a few any Quality Mics and mic pre amplifier U67 U47 251

GUITARS, Bass, Guitar amplifiers, Fender Gibson Gretsch Marshall Vox Martin Yamaha Telecaster tele Les Paul Stratocaster Strat Firebird SG J 45 J 50 J 100 J 200 335 Southern Jumbo Hummingbird junior PAF Humbucker P90 p-90

EFFECT Effects stomp box foot pedals: Rack and pedal Boss MXR Dunlop Strymon Electro Harmonix Ibanez Analog Man TC electronics colorsound digitech fulltone strymon univox Big Muff Klon Ratt Echoplex Tube Driver Rangemaster Fuzz face tone bender Tonebender Fuzz Overdrive Distortion Delay Echo Reverb Compressor Phaser Chorus Roland Eventide Lexicon

VINTAGE Hi-Fi and stereo equipment, Speakers Amplifiers, reel to reel tape machines turntable and speakers speaker McIntosh Altec JBL Jensen Fisher Ampex Scott Marantz Western Electric Ampex and other

HAM CB Radio, Transmitter Receiver Broadcast gear microphones.

ELECTRONICS test equipment and components such as capacitors resistors transformers Jenson Triad UTC United Transformer transistors meters and Vintage Tektronix oscilloscopes .

Anything related to Audio, Music or Musical Instruments

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