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Buyer looking for

Buying storage totes (27 gallon, 38 gallon, 55 gallon)

Budget: $20.00

Buying 27 gallon storage totes for $5 each, 38 gallon for $10 each, and 55 gallon for $15 each ($20 if the wheeled version).

I will not pay higher than my stated prices for any used totes unless you deliver them to me. Costco has the 27 gallon ones on sale from time to time for $6.99-$8.49 so I figure $5 is fair for a used one.

I'm in Rowlett. Can drive a bit for totes. Local preferred.

Let me know brand, quantity, and condition.

*For missing or cracked lids, I'll still buy, but the price comes down.
*If the totes are really filthy, were stored outdoors, or need serious cleaning (not just a mild dusting), then the price comes down.

Posted by: Anthony | Category: Home | Location: Rowlett, TX (75030)