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Buyer looking for

ISO Games/ Toys/ Puzzles

Budget: $40.00

Are you cleaning out your playroom, kids’ rooms, and/or living room? Do you want a reason to?? We will happily come and pick up your old toys/puzzles/games from your doorstep.

Let me tell you why: I am currently watching several children and would like to have a variety of toys available to the students when they take learning breaks and on those rainy days when we can’t go outside. These kids are interested in toys.

Also, rest assured I will thoroughly clean/disinfect all items. Any items that I do not keep, I will donate to Savers or Goodwill. )

I can take them for free or pay a small fee if you wish. Just reach out and let me know what you have.

Thank you for your support!

Posted by: Matthew | Category: Home | Location: Austin, TX (78758)