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Buyer looking for

Needing Christmas everything!!!

Budget: $30.00

Does anyone have any yard decor, like Christmas inflatables or similar. Or any lighted potted trees, any kind of yard decor. And any picks/sprays/ribbons/other decor for a tree/garland/wreath? And also inside decor, tree, garlands, wreaths anything. My daughter and I are trying to get Christmas together and she’s finally at the age (6) where she won’t destroy everything. We had went through money troubles and lost my storage unit with everything Christmas so I don’t have much of anything. I’ve been working so much and finally have some time to get Christmas together as she really wants to see decorations badly but money is still tight. My bio Dad just died recently and I got into a wreck. Please help us this year!! I can also try to buy things a very low cost, especially bundles.

Posted by: Mark | Category: Home | Location: Austin, TX (78749)