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Buyer looking for

LOOKING TO BUY OLD CLOTHES 80s 90s 2000s T shirts hats vintage T Shirt

Budget: $1.00

BUYING retro clothing from 80s-90s-2000s
- if you have any old t-shirts,hats or jackets from the 80s,90s or early 2000s I would be interested no matter what condition I’m a huge collector and just love the story of old clothes. If you have old t shirts sitting around or if you know someone that has them tell them to reach out. I’m always buying. If you or a loved one has a box sitting around let me know i’ll come pay cash and pick it up.

We pay top dollar
If you need help getting them from storage out of your garage or attic we will help you!

Usually buying T Shirts anything with a cool graphic look at the pictures listed.
* band-concert shirts tshirts like rock,punk rock,rap, obscure, country music ect
* anything cartoon/animation
*Betty Boop Shirts
*90s Skate Board T Shirts & Hoodies (Birdhouse, world industries, blind, toy machine, shortys)
*90s Disneyland Ride T Shirts
*JNCO Jeans
*Looney Tunes Shirts
*Movie or TV Shirts like Friday the 13th Spider-man Batman Pulp Fiction
•Carharrt Jackets
•Nascar Jackets & Nascar Shirts
* wwe/ wwf Wrestling shirts
*Harley Davidson or other Motorcycle T Shirts
* NIKE 70s-90s Graphic T Shirts
*Harley Davidson 80s 90s or 3D Emblem Shirt
* old trucker/ baseball hats from 70s-80s and 90s any subject matter
If you have a box full let me know why donate when I'll pay you CASH today!

Posted by: Christopher | Category: Fashion | Location: Ventura, CA (93003)