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Buyer looking for

Wanted: Natpac or General Freezer

Budget: $100.00

Looking for any General Freezer Co. brand, or Natpac, Natpack, or Natpak brand upright freezer, any condition even non-working or beat up condition is OK. Like the one in the photo which is a model 21 on the left and model 16 on the right. I am also interested in any very large upright 25 cubic foot freezers or larger of any type. (Usually these are 36 inches wide and at least 32 inches deep) Even those in non-working condition or rusty... Any old United Fridge-n-Freeze refrigerators, or "Blue Ribbon-Key to Better Living" Refrigerators that have very large freezers as well. Any big single door refrigerators at least 31 inches wide with internal freezer on top.