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Buying Your HORROR Collections 1930s-1990s

Budget: $123,456.00

Paying Cash Today for your Horror Movies , Horror Sci-fi Movie Poster, Horror Books, Horror Paperbacks , Horror Shirts, Horror Comics , Universal Monsters Pictures, Signed Horror Memorabilia, Collectibles , Horror Animation Cells, Halloween Vintage Postcards, Necronomicon, Witchcraft stuff, Wiccan , Pagan, Horror Video Games, Horror Trading Cards, Horror Vintage Magazines, Original Posters, Original Horror Artwork ,Original Comic Art etc
Nightmare on Elm Street , Halloween , Friday the 13th , Chucky, Hellraiser Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein, Stephen King etc

PICTURES are worth a thousand words... PLEASE send pictures so I have an idea of what you have…. Looking to have/ acquire the coolest , spookiest scariest horror items. If you or anyone you know have a collection no matter how big or small . I am BUYING Today. .

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