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Budget: $120.00

V-R84DP-HD is the perfect alternative to 8 and 9-inch CRTs used in broadcast, professional video, and multimedia applications.
This model includes our Award Winning Digital TFT-MegaPixel system with 1.44 million pixels.

Inputs are provided for HD-SDI, SDI, HD or SD Component Analog, Composite, Y/C, DVI Analog or Digital with HDCP, plus PC up to XGA resolution (1024 x 768). Analog signals are digitized using a 10-bit process and images are scaled to fit on creen in high resolution using our state-of-the-art LSI with 4x4 pixel interpolation and Match Color Conversion to emulate SMPTE-C phosphor of a CRT. Standard features include V-Mount battery adapter, 4-pin XLR power jack, and optical grade polycarbonate screen protection.


Posted by: Andrew | Category: Electronics | Location: Universal City, CA (91608)