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Buyer looking for

old electronics wanted

Budget: $1.00

ISO old and broken electronics and e-waste
I've recently taken up the hobby of deconstructing old electronics to recover and recycle metals and materials inside them. If you have any old electronics that are laying around that you don't need or want and are probably going to just throw out, let me take them off your hands!
Looking for things like:
CD/DVD/VHS players random remote controls
old broken cell phones and tablets
that obsolete computer tower or laptop that's been collecting dust in the basement since 2005 that bag of random cords in the closet you'll never use again
computer mouses, keyboards, routers, servers, modems
old broken TVs - flat screen busted video game consoles
I'II take pretty much anything you have if it will keep it out of the landfills and keep me busy.