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Buyer looking for

Looking for old & new video games wii ds PlayStation Nintendo SEGA etc

Budget: $25.00

Hi, Kris here I ❤️ old video games, console systems, and hand held systems, controllers and gaming equipment🕹️. Do you by chance have some laying around the house?
For example: I found some I forgot I had in a desk drawer and the living room cabinet in my apartment.
Maybe you have some in your storage, attic, garage, bonus room, cabinets, closet dresser drawer or your son or daughters bedroom collecting dust! I’ll buy them from you 😊 time for some Spring and Summer cleaning :)
I’m even interested in empty old video game boxes, manuals, posters, stickers, empty cases etc!

I love all games but my favorites are Zelda, Mario, Sonic, Kirby, Pokemon, Street Fighter, halo Master Cheif, Pikachu, yoshi, import Japanese games, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Chrono Trigger, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Mario baseball, Crash Bandicoot, Laura Croft, Animal Farm, Harvest moon, Final Fantasy, Nintendo Hockey, Bonk, GTA Grand Theft Auto, Braverly Default, Rayman, Shin Megami Tensai, LEGO, Virtua Fighter, Shenmue, Super heroes, Marvel, X-men, Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, etc, Nintendo Amiibo, World of Warcraft WOW, Mario Sports mix, action figures, figurines, Mario football, Kingdom Hearts or any Rpg and anything Anime even dvds Blu-ray vhs laser discs soundtracks etc.

Anime: Pokemon, DBZ (Dragonball Z) . Fairytale, Inuyasha, Digimon Monster Rancher, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Sword art, Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, Haiikyuu!!, Attack on Titan, Teen Titan, My Hero Acadamia, Naruto Shippuden, Demon Slayer, Sailor Moon, Samurai Champloo, Full Metal Alchemist, One Piece etc
Also T-shirts clothes pajamas hoodies dresses skirts socks khakis shoes boxers flip flops tshirts long sleeve boat neck polo golf tennis scoop neck v-neck mask turtleneck tube top tunic vest bow tie kilt boot cut base ball mitts bell bottoms stacks capris cargo pants culottes flares jeabs basketball shirts swat bands headbands head scarf neckerchief beads rave gear rave wear fluffies crew neck nascar leggings toe socks no repro games golf clubs masks shirt racing gloves baseball mitt mittens khaki pants underwear cars motorcycles paper snowboard jacket no modded consoles sweatpants joggers track suit slacks jogging bottoms skater shoes skateboard coach Louis Vuitton anchor blue used Victoria’s secret express for women jewelry rings sound tracks compact-discs Bluray dvds vhs 4k UHD Ultra High Def etc

Also interested in arcade cabinets pinball
machines and stand alone arcade games and racing games


Nintendo nes Sega Master System
Super Nintendo SNES Sega Genesis
Nintendo 64 N64 Sega cd
Gamecube Sega 32x
Vintage games vintage video games
Nintendo Wii Sega Dreamcast
Nintendo Switch Sega Saturn
Nintendo Ds Sega Game gear
Nintendo 3ds PlayStation Ps1
Gameboy PlayStation 2 Ps2
Nintendo Gameboy color
Gbc PlayStation PS3
Handheld video game
Nintendo Gameboy advance
Gba PlayStation 4 ps4
Virtual boy PlayStation vida
PlayStation Psp
Nintendo Wiiu
Handheld video games
Retro games retro video games
Atari Jaguar
Compact disc
Fairy Tale

Posted by: Andrew | Category: Electronics | Location: Pleasant Hill, CA (94523)