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Buyer looking for

I want your old comics...

Budget: $1,000.00

What I'm looking for: Superhero Comics with 10 and 12 cent cover prices. So, primarily Golden and Silver Age comics with guys and gals wearing tights, capes and masks, but I'll consider other genres like Horror or Archies, as well as other comic eras like 70's/80's Bronze Age. I'll buy single key issues or an entire collection. If you have these types of comics and you're looking to sell, please send me a list or description of what you have. Pictures of your books (as many as possible) would be very helpful and an asking price would be great as well...

Tags: Old Comics, Vintage Comics, 1960's comics, 1950's comics, 1940's comics, 1930's comics, cgc comics, silver age comics, golden age comics, first appearance comics, key issues, grail comics, comic collection, rare comics, hard to find comics, cbcs comics, 1930's comics, comic book, comic books,

Posted by: Brian | Category: Collectibles | Location: Long Branch, NJ (7740)