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Buyer looking for

1930's-1960's baseball, football, basketball cards - I'm buying!

Budget: $100.00

Hello, I'm a long time collector of vintage baseball, football and basketball cards. I will respond to your request quickly. Note: Please check your SPAM as I respond to all inquiries quickly. Please provide pictures and or a list of your collection of cards and or certified memorabilia.

Here is what I'm collecting.
Superstar cards, sets or unopened packs of all baseball, basketball or football. NOTE: I also buy signed and certified memorabilia or game used jersey's or equipment.

Key names but not limited to these players:
Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays: 1951-1969
Babe Ruth 1914 - 1948
Jackie Robinson: 1948-1956
Hank Aaron: 1954-1965
Roberto Clemente: 1955-1960
Sandy Koufax: 1955-1956
Ted Williams: 1939-1956
Pete Rose:1963

Bill Russell: 1957-1961
Wilt Chamberlain:1961-1967
Jerry West: 1961-1964
Pete Maravich: 1970-71
Bird/Magic/Erving: 1980-81

Jim Brown 1958-59
Joe Namath: 1965
Bart Starr / Johnny Unitas: 1957-58

Posted by: William | Category: Collectibles | Location: Solana Beach, CA (92075)