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Sharp VZ-2500

Budget: $50.00

In Japan this model was called the VZ-V20. It measures 710 x 407 x 195 mm. It's from the year 1982 or 1983, and it replaced the VZ-2000. Like that model, it has a Linear Tracking Turntable that can play both sides of an album without needing to be opened and flipped around. The difference is, the VZ-2000 has a slanted top surface, while the VZ-2500 has a more boxy shape with all the controls on the front.

The speakers are 3 ohm impedence, 16cm woofers and 5cm tweeters. The amplifier chip is a single LA4505. The output power is 2x8.5 watts Sinus (RMS) at 10% distortion. That's actually a step down from the older VZ-2000, which was bi-amplified with separate amps for the woofers and tweeters.

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