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Wanted: Comic Books of All Sorts —- I’m Always Buying, Cash on Hand!

Budget: $100.00

Simply put, I want to buy your comics! All of them. Old or new, major publishers or indies, superhero, war, romance, humor, or anything at all.

Whether you have 5 comics or 5,000 (or more), I’ll respond to every message and treat you fairly and with respect. I will NOT lowball you, and I’ll gladly travel throughout the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic for the right opportunity to make a fair deal. Looking forward to hearing from you, and turning your collection into cash.

Please be prepared to send me a few details, such as a simple list of the comics you have and/or a few photos showing some of them. I'll give you an email and a number you can text this info to easily, and then I'll be able to make you a fair offer.

If you have comics you'd like to sell, I think you basically have 3 options for selling them:

1. Cart them all to a local comic book shop, and sell them all at once. This is the quickest and easiest route. But, they will pay you only pennies on the dollar. After all, the comic shop owner has overhead like rent, salaries, insurance, etc. And then they still have to make a profit. You'll get the lowest value with this option.

2. Take the time (LOTS of time!) to inventory them yourself, take good, clear photos of them all, do price research on everything, and sell them individually or in small sets yourself on eBay, FaceBook, or elsewhere. This will get you the highest prices, but it is a ton of work. And, you'll then need to package and ship them all, deal with complaints and returns, and you probably won't sell them all. Dealing with a lot of self-confessed comic "nerds" can be quite a challenge!

3. Sell them to just one comic nerd: Me! I may not be able to pay full retail value for everything, but I can definitely pay more than a comic shop will pay. I love sorting through a collection, picking out some good comics for my own collection, and then carefully curating and selling the rest. So, Option #3 here gives you the best of both worlds: a quick and easy transaction, and a better cash result for you.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day, and I hope to hear from you!

Posted by: John | Category: Collectibles | Location: Edison, NJ (8818)