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Buyer looking for

Japanese Swords

Budget: $500.00

I collect and preserve antique Japanese swords. If you have a family or other Japanese sword to sell, I would appreciate the opportunity to examine it and to perhaps purchase it. It has become very expensive to restore a Japanese sword and the wait time is over a year. It is up to $5000 for 27 inches just to polish, and fittings are lots more.
I am committed to their preservation.

Note: Never touch the blade of a real Japanese sword. It is not only because it may be extremely sharp, but because one's touching it will cause the blade to rust fast. It is a minimum of $1000 and months to have fingerprints and rust removed. Treat the blade with respect, it is a living thing.

Posted by: Anthony | Category: Collectibles | Location: Ventura, CA (93001)