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Buyer looking for

WANTED: Your Chevy Beretta & Parts

Budget: $500.00

I am looking to buy any old or beat up Chevrolet Berettas. Maybe you have one sitting in the side of your yard? Perhaps you have one that is not running that you simply want to get rid of. Well, let me know! I'll take them in most any condition. Running and driving is of course preferable, but I have the means to come to you and pick up any non-functional Beretta that you may have as well. I'm also interested in parts if you happen to have any lying around.

I have a Beretta as my RallyCross car and my daily driver is a Beretta as well. I just love these cars and the good parts are getting harder and harder to find these days. I also love tinkering with these cars and getting good ones back on the road!

Please respond via Email. Thank you!

Posted by: John Paulo | Category: Vehicles | Location: Denver, CO (80221)