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Buyer looking for

Wanted: Vintage Stereo Console / Record Player Cabinet

Budget: $250.00

Hello, I'm interested in buying a cool vintage stereo console in either working or as-is condition. The ones I’ve seen tend to have an old radio and turntable inside that need me repair or servicing, and I am interesting in taking one on as a project to restore.

These are neat for the furniture design value and look alone, and would I like to get one working and feature proudly as a functional piece of audio fear as well.

I'm interested in finding one like the ones pictured by the following brands:


I would be open to either the full size ones pictured and possibly a large tabletop model.

If you have one, please include a couple pictures and contact info in reply. I can pick up curbside or onsite safely at your convenience.

Thanks for looking!

Posted by: John Paulo | Category: Others | Location: Austin, TX (78751)