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Budget: $50.00

I’m making this post because I’m on the hunt for tons of unisex Vintage Clothing (2000-older) What I mean by Unisex is, mainly T-shirts(single stitch), jackets, hats, shoes ,accessories. The kind of Vintage clothing I’m looking for is for example: any T-shirts that are Single Stitched, Vintage All over print Tees, Vintage Starter jackets, Vintage Sweaters, Coogi Sweaters, Vintage windbreakers, Vintage Tommy Hilfiger, Vintage Nike, Vintage Adidas, Carhartt, NASCAR apparel, Vintage Disney apparel, Vintage Nature Tees, Vintage Movie Promo Tees, Vintage Band Tees, Harley Davidson Tees, Vintage Sports Apparel, Vintage Snapbacks and many more. But those are the main categories of what I’m looking for. If you just have a room full of clothes and don’t know what you have but you know it’s all vintage, I’m sure you’d have stuff I would want to buy.
I have attached photos just of some examples

Posted by: John Paulo Salazar | Category: Fashion | Location: Reseda, CA (91335)