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Buyer looking for

TOA KD-3 WTB for parts

Budget: $1.00

Do you have a TOA KD-3 keyboard amp that's seen much better days? Maybe the speakers are blown (they were truly a weak link). Maybe that particle board cabinet got dropped one time too many and now is ready to be made into fire wood. Maybe the EQ sliders have all failed or locked up (common issue) or all the knobs are missing and the control pots are busted. Maybe ALL of the above! It might be JUST what I'm looking for! I'm a retired electrical engineer and one of my young (about 14 years old) neighbors brought me his newly acquired KD-3 bought at a garage sale and it needs help. A few minutes inside and it was easy to see that a variety of electrical components have been smoked, so to fix it cheaply, I'd like to find a "parts" amp. I don't have much money to spend but if you have one that might be best suited to be sacrificed so another might live, please feel free to respond via the CL response method or for a quicker response, call/text me at three zero three four seven two seven f

Posted by: John Paulo | Category: Electronics | Location: Aurora, CO (80010)