Buyer looking for

Comic collections wanted / fair and honest appraisal and buyer

Budget: $1.00 ~ $8,000.00

I am looking for a Comic collections wanted / fair and honest appraisal and buyer in new_used condition, local or shipped to 79601. I am looking for collections small to large, 1 box to 100 boxes ranging from 1950's to Present. DC, Marvel, Indie as well as vintage graphic novels as well as trading cards from marvel and the vintage from early eighties and older. Willing to drive seven hours from Abilene , Texas, any farther would be a meet halfway. Depending on collection size and place I may be willing to go alot farther to see collection. Will pay cash, cashier's check only in person and willing to fair and honest negotiating. So if it is an inherited collection or just something you want out of your way then please give me a yell and we can set something up. Thank you for your time and hope your days are good.

Sat Jun 10 2023 13:26:16 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Hello Beth, first of all thank you for contacting me. I don't need to see in person, you can do some pics of the older ones or video. Also how many boxes are there? Do they all have bags and boards and were these yours or a family members? My phone if you wish to send pics or videos is 719-354-9833. Feel free to contact me there and again thank you...

Sat Jun 10 2023 05:02:46 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Hi Billy, I have several boxes of comic books that I would be willing to sell. I am in Pennsylvania. Do you need to see them in person or can you decide if you want them through videos, FaceTime or pics? Thanks! Beth