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Buyer looking for

Buying Telescopes, Optical and SCIENCE Equipment

Budget: $1,234.00

I BUY TELESCOPES, Large Binoculars, OPTICAL EQUIPMENT ,Microscopes ,LARGE CAMERA TRIPODS/MOUNTS, and other Astro equipment. Working or Not working.

Looking for telescopes, LARGE BINOCULARS, camera tripods, microscopes and other optical equipment..

I rebuild, refurbish, and modify Telescopes/Binoculars/ Microscopes and Science equipment of all types. If you have a telescope or microscope that's got a broken part, missing parts, broken tripod or stand, broken or missing electronics, send me a few pics and your price.

I will pay a reasonable price for your used telescope or other equipment.

I also buy telescope parts like finder scopes, eyepieces, barlows, filters, mounts, hand controllers, tripods, ect.

Not interested in beginner scopes... ( small telescopes with plastic bodies, plastic eyepieces, of lightweight plastic tripods.)

I do buy Refractor telescopes that are 80mm ( 3" Lens Diameter) or larger and Reflector telescopes that are 100 mm(4") or larger. Also SCT's larger than 9